In Kyrgyzstan we witness remarkable geography, its mountains that attract our attention at the highest level. And you should know that Kyrgyzstan is a country surrounded by mountains that makes the scenery complicated due to mountain chains, you may travel about during your tour, taking over the country. Mountains in Kyrgyzstan are represented by peaks, gorges and valleys. You should point out the period of a tour due to climate circumstances in Kyrgyzstan. Climate is extra continental that leads to various landscapes, caves and basins. It may be difficult in Kyrgyzstan to travel all these places as most of them are vertical with rapidly changing climate. Country is located at different altitudes, 94 % of the territory is located at 1000 meters above sea level, and 71% is 2000 above sea level.

           In Kyrgyzstan there are a lot of different mountains but the greatest in whole Central Asia is mountain range Tien Shan. The range is located not only in Kyrgyzstan but also in other countries. But 2/3 of its system is in Kyrgyzstan that tells us that the most of territory is in our country. And may be met from different parts of the world: north, west, east, central part and inner. The range is known for many different peaks to organize tours in Kyrgyzstan, and 23 peaks, three of which are pristine, are about 6 000 m; 80 peaks, with 14 pristine ones, are 5000-6000 m above sea level. According to scientific investigation, the range consists from sandy, igneous and metamorphic categories of rocks. There are two peaks - Pobeda and Khan Tengri - on Tien Shan Range that are over 7000 meters high, surrounding Engilchek Glacier.

           For those who are in love with nature and mountains, Kyrgyzstan is the best option as high mountains; extra continental climate and a great variety of peaks give amazing opportunities for making an unforgettable tour in Kyrgyzstan. Our company "Travel Experts" is always ready and online to answer questions you are interested in and help in organizing your travel in Kyrgyzstan.

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