Renting terms

Car renting terms:

  • The person who rents a car must be not younger than 23 years old
  • The presence of the driver's license
  • The presence of passport

Car exploitation:

  • Mileage is 300 km per day. For extra distances extra price is 0.3$ per 1 km
  • Travel abroad should be agreed with "Travel Experts" Company.

Vehicles delivery:

  • Delivery is made around the clock, with no holidays and weekends for free

Car rental price includes:

  •  Car insurance (see below)

Payment can be accepted by:

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Visa and Master Card

Terms of payment:

  • The full car rental price is paid upon receiving the car
  • Security deposit of 400$ is to be given when receiving the car which is returned back after a client gives the car back.


Deposit partly or completely taken by company in the following cases:

  • If you damage tires on wheels, break windows - we keep only the sum of damage.
  • If you scratch or damage the car:
    Damages less than 400$ - we keep only the sum of damage.
    Damages more than 400$ - we keep 400$, and the rest is covered by insurance.
    Totally broken car - we keep 400$, and the rest is covered by insurance.

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Bishkek Office
89-20, Shopokova St., Bishkek,
720046 Kyrgyzstan
Mobile (+996 554) 00 06 60
Mobile (+996 555) 99 37 33
Phone (+996 312)  55 08 48



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