Independent Kyrgyzstan (since 1991)

Kyrgyzstan got its independence in 1991, the year of falling of the Soviet Union. The independent state is said to have the national flag, emblem and anthem, and Kyrgyzstan established all as an independent country you may visit.

Constitution was adapted in 1993, in 1992 Kyrgyzstan became the member of UN. Independence led to unhappy circumstances in the face of high unemployment rate and government had to deal with political, economic and social crisis. Out of it Kyrgyzstan as an independent country was supposed to spread democracy, but in the result country was known as "country of destabilization" rather than "country of democracy". But the recent stabilization of our country led to the development of social and economic life of Kyrgyzstan. 2010 is the year when Kyrgyzstan turned from presidential to parliamentary system with successful transition of power first in Central Asia in 2017. Revolutions were in 2005 and 2010 when presidents were removed. Nowadays country is in the state of peace and it is safe to travel along it.

It is known that Kyrgyzstan is a country of mountains that should be visited by everyone on the globe for those who are interested in clear air, amazing nature and overwhelming views. To help you in creation of breath-taking adventure we are glad to offer you our service and organize a tour in Kyrgyzstan for travelling from one part of the country to the other. Kyrgyzstan is a place you should visit being in Central Asia.

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