Kyrgyz consolidation

Kyrgyz people are known for being nomad tribes in ancient times and they didn't build buildings, their state can be said to be like "moving along with them" and this period is known as Kyrgyz consolidation, 1400-1800. The present territory of Kyrgyzstan was inhabited in 15th century by Kyrgyz from South Siberia. From 15th to 19th centuries Kyrgyz are said to be without any realm possible, though there were made attempts to unite tribes in the one group for creating the state and a separate one. But it failed and the Kyrgyz made up the system of wings around the center, where different various tribes could live. The tribes were like separate cities and were considered independent, with appointed leaders to rule. This information you will get I accordance with the Kyrgyz themselves and the history of the territory in the process of tours in Kyrgyzstan.

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