Every country, every nation, every culture has the past to be known and history of Kyrgyzstan has a number of periods to be paid attention to. And if people don't know the history of their country, if they forget it, the country will not develop. As one of main features to note is that it is necessary to learn mistakes not to do the same. And Kyrgyzstan is a country in the very heart of mountains embraces an interesting history all citizens tend to know. It is well known that Kyrgyz people used to be nomads and there place of living was area of mountains. Today, during a tour in Kyrgyzstan, we still can see a great percent of population of the country living in the mountains a nomad way of life. Nomadic life means that no cities and buildings will be built along with castles and towns. Kyrgyz people didn't have written notes and information was going from generation to generation in an oral way. Some main events and changes in life of Kyrgyzstan and their people were recorded in the way of notes on the walls of caves, for example.

First we get to know with the Kyrgyz in 201 B.C. from Chinese notes. The history estimates about 2 000 years. The History of Kyrgyzstan can be clearly understood by eight main periods you will hear in a course of travelling in Kyrgyzstan:

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