Dungan mosque

Dungan mosque is a place people tend to visit for a long time on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. During the time of the way from Karakol to China in 1877 people in flight visited this sacred place for rest and prating. The architect from Beijing Chjou Siy was invited to create the mosque in 1907 with all the residents of territory of modern Kyrgyzstan helping him. The fact that it was created without any nail or metal should be noted along with the style of a Chinese Buddhist temple due to the architect himself. The mosque is built and certain colors that symbolize cultural concepts of the Dungan people. According to their point of thinking, red color protects from evil creatures, yellow color identifies wealth and well-being to the house, green color is happiness. And to witness this amazing place you need to make a tour in Kyrgyzstan.

During WW2 the Muslim Community initiated money for the war needs and worships were allowed, as in the 30s of 20th century various religious rites were strictly prohibited. The Soviet Union closed all the places of faith in Kyrgyzstan. But today it doesn't cause difficulties to visit the mosque and you can make tours in Kyrgyzstan with this place to visit as well.

Today Dungan mosque is a place of visiting by people not only of Kyrgyzstan but many other countries. All people have pleasant feelings and emotions from Kyrgyzstan. If you have a desire to have a pleasure from visiting sightseeing, contact our managers and they will organize your own tour in Kyrgyzstan taking in consideration your wishes!           

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