Ancient History

Nothing was known until the information about Kyrgyz people emerged in the Chinese notes that refers to the Ancient History, 1 000 BC - 300 AD. The records were given by the Chinese historian Sima Tan in 201 BC about the territory of Kyrgyzstan and people living here. In the chronicles "Historical notes" he mentioned Kyrgyz people and their wars with the Hunnu, as they conquered them. In tours visitors get information that Kyrgyz people can be noticed mainly in the Chinese notes, and the other mentioning was in the 1st century BC. The historian Ban Gu created a chronicle the name "Han-shu" is transmitted as "History of Man". The records describe the realm of Kyrgyz and according to the modern scientists making a review, the realm of those years was located somewhere in the Eastern part of Turkestan and also the realm of the territory of Kyrgyzstan.

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