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Car rental "Easy Rent" is a unique range of services for rent and car in Kyrgyzstan. We've selected the best new cars for you to enjoy your trip. The wide range of our company is able to meet the demands of buyers with different tastes and preferences. A wide range of models, conveniently located in Bishkek, competitive prices and professional service are the reasons why anyone who wants to rent a car for a short time, leisure or business have to turn to us. You can compare the conditions of car rental in Bishkek and other pleasantly surprised with our prices and services. With our company, "Easy Rent" you can easily car rentals by booking on the appropriate option for you, or in advance. The main advantage of our company for car hire in Kyrgyzstan is a best price guarantee, so you can be sure that not too much for a car rental in Bishkek. Our staff will give good facilities to make your trip enjoyable and worry-free. Car lease with the company "Easy Rent" - it's more options, competitive prices and excellent service!


Our Company "Easy Rent" experience in the rental and leasing vehicles for several years. This means that today we have the best staff, fleet and service, but also a great experience, quality service and excellent customer relations. If you are planning a business trip or a trip with the rest, you can save your time and your freedom of movement, book a rental car in Bishkek in our company "Easy Rent". All our rental cars in Kyrgyzstan are in excellent condition. Drive Car Rental is distributed widely in our business. Self-drive car rental - it's cheap and convenient. Our clients who directed to for car rent in Bishkek, then they become our regular customers. Our Company "Easy Rent" specializes in the rental and car hire in and around Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Our high quality of a car is the foundation of our company's reputation, which has been confirmed by numerous testimonials from our customers. We rent cars from different classes and driving. The company "Easy Rent" -has an individual approach to every customer a wide range of options and car in Kyrgyzstan.



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