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Toyota 4Runner 

Welcome to amazing Kyrgyzstan! The land of nomads! Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country and most people prefer self-drive routes. And you can rent a car in our company. The most popular is Toyota 4Runner among all tourists, which uses patrol, left-steering wheel. And it is the most reliable as it is Toyota. This car is very comfortable and safe. With leather seats and very big space inside. And if you take this car, you will not forget your adventure for a long time!


Lexus GX470

Do you want to try the national bread boorsok and come to Kyrgyzstan then we can combine it and make a very interesting tour for you. I have a very good offer for you. This is Lexus GX470, which is very good in the city and in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Come, come, come! I want to show you one thing! Look! There is a very big space for everything that you want to take with you! Luggage, boxes and everything! Even you can take your house! Every member of your family can come and find place because there is enough space inside. So, the car is waiting for you!


Lexus LX470

Come to Kyrgyzstan! Choose the best cars for rent and enjoy your time! This is Lexus LX470. This is a very big car for big families. We provide tables, chairs, gas and everything that you need for picnics. As you see there is space for your legs, very good air condition, heating seats and a lot of space at the second row. So try this car yourself! 


Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan! To the land of adventures! The best way to explore our mountains is to take a car for rent. It is Toyota Land Cruiser 200. It uses petrol, left steering wheel and it has extra options for off road. And actually this is a legendary car. Here is everything for your convenience. Air condition, very good seats and multifunctional wheel. So just call and get the best car!




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88 ridges of the powerful Tien Shan mountain system stretch with long chains from West to East. The name of the system means "Celestial mountains". Some peaks are quite easy to climb, but weather can bring great difficulties to climbers. Constant snowfalls and low temperatures of mountains, seen during the expedition Bishkek car for rent, hide cracks and usually are the reason of avalanches taking the lives of the climbers. The people first heard about the mountains in the ancient times and now they are free to rent cars Kyrgyzstan and witness the greatness of the tops covered with snow. The visitants tend to take routes usually desire to rent a car in Bishkek with an aim to make a photo against incredible and spine-tingling views. Note that the mountains can bring difficulties from the point of view of temperature, with them going low. Tours differ depending on the altitude of the hill. But before going at higher positions it is required to undergo special trainings which will tell all of the necessary facts about the mountains and the way of behavior.



Mineral resources 

It is well known that the subsoil of Kyrgyzstan is a truly gigantic "storehouse" of the most valuable minerals which can be investigated all along car for rent in Bishkek adventure. According to the scientists, nature hides the entire table of the periodic table system under the ground. At the same time it is well-known that by 1982, more than 5 thousand deposits and ore occurrences of various types of minerals were discovered and accounted for in the Republic. One of the interesting facts investigated all during the Bishkek car rent investigation is that silver and gold, tin, copper, lead, mercury, and other metals have been mined in the mountainous regions of Central Asia for more than 2500 years BC. They are impressive in their size, the largest in the Soviet Union, the traces of ancient miners along which the modern workers are going, the mines are active and the people are doing hard works. Scientists have proved that mineral salts of Kyrgyzstan, having a number of microelements in their composition, increase the productivity of animal husbandry. Mineral salts in Kyrgyzstan are literally everywhere – Chon-Tuz salt deposits developed in Kochkor district, tunuk Tuz — in Toguz-Torousk, Ketmen - tube — in Toktogul district, Makmal-in Aktala district, and others. And in order to investigate all of the sites it is better to rent cars Kyrgyzstan for the tour.



For now it is not the problem to see the most magnificent places of the country, the gorges, as a member of the route according to the system of rent car Kyrgyzstan, as in this case the boarders can get to any places of their desires, with no complications. Now we would like to tell more about the gorge, which is not often told about, the Tamga gorge. So, during the adventure you rent car and get to the place like: On the southern shore of lake Issyk-Kul, near the village of the same name lies the gorge of indescribable beauty. The gorge has a unique and thrilling landscape, when the green leaves changes to picturesque views of complete stones. The main attraction of the gorge is the mysterious Tamga-Tash stones with Buddhist inscriptions, where Tibetan pilgrims often coming here. There are three Tamga-Tash stones located at a distance of one kilometer from each other with the writings of the ancient Tibetan letters-prayers Dating back to the V-I centuries BC. Tourists are attracted here not only by the sacred stones of Tamga-Tash, but also by such unusual landscapes, the animal world of the surroundings of Tamga, quiet solitude and harmony with nature. It is better to travel through the Tamga gorge on bicycles or on horses having arrived here on cars for rent, as the locals do.



It is well-known that there are almost no corners of nature that are not affected by man all over the globe. Human actions are the mean of irreparable changes in nature. When the habitués rent cars here, they get to know that to preserve precious resources and wildlife, many countries organize nature reserves and national parks. And there are about 8 state reserves and 9 natural national parks in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan rent cars service is aimed at the idea to make people know about the parks of the country, of the world and that it is important to take care of them. For this time we would like to tell more about one park separately. Here during Kyrgyzstan cars for rent route you will hear about the Sary-Chelek state biosphere reserve in the Aksy district of Jalal-Abad region. The park was created in 1960. Later there was made a resolution of the UNESCO General Assembly in 1962 saying that the park must be included in the list of biosphere reserves of the world. Now it is said to be the place of preservation and restoration of nut-fruit forests and high-mountain landscapes of Kyrgyzstan. And expect the parks of such kind, there are ordinary ones in the capital of the country, where any time of the day it is possible to walk.

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