Bishkek and rent a car in Kyrgyzstan

The Company "Easy Rent" will help you find the best car rental. In our directory you can find a car for most capricious customers. For questions or assistance please contact the-clock customer support via telephone, email and online chat - and you will be answered. Selected our employees are among the best, using our services, you will be assured of a professional experience of our company, "Easy Rent" reserve your car before driving. It will save you from unpleasant surprises! Our company has a special program of car rental for travel agents. The company «Easy Rent" has more choice, competitive prices and excellent service!


You and your staff need to move frequently? Or your company does not want to invest time and money to buy cars, fleet and driver design looks? Give us this trouble! The company «Easy Rent" offers car rental at the most convenient and profitable for you schema. Meet business partners at the airport, help with hotel accommodation. Employees of large corporations, international organizations, missions, embassies, consulates, international organizations can enjoy the additional discounts. Today, more and more large companies around the world turn car rentals. Overlooking the long-term car rental with or without driver. Finally, long-term rental can be much more profitable for the company than buying their own cars. We have cars for every taste: cost and luxury, minivans, SUVs and trucks.



Rent and hire car

Rent and hire car Bishkek

Rent and hire car Kyrgyzstan

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Cars rental

Cars rent Bishkek

Cars rental Kyrgyzstan

Rent cars

Rent cars Bishkek

Rent cars Kyrgyzstan

Rent cars in Bishkek

Rent cars in Kyrgyzstan

Rent and hire cars

Rent and hire cars Bishkek

Rent and hire cars Kyrgyzstan


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